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Fire Starter Bundles

£11.45 (Sold out)

Small Fire Lighting Bundle
3 x Small Kindling Nets (2.5kg)
1 x Natural Firelighters (bag 50)

Large Fire Lighting Bundle
3 x Large Kindling Nets (5.5kg)
2 x Natural Firelighters (bags 50)

Kindling Net
For lighting your log or coal fire and perfect for using in conjunction with the natural firelighters.

Natural Firelighters
Made from wood shavings, spun in to wood rope and dipped in wax, our firelighters are 100% natural and burn for an average of 5-8 minutes.

Only 1 firelighter is required for each fire, and we recommend using them with a handful of kindling.

There are 50 firelighters in each pack.

We recommend the following quantities:
2 packs for our Half Crate
4 packs for our Full Crate
1 pack for our Bulk Bag

Product Detail

Composite Decking

90% recyled wood & plastic