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All product are available for collection directly from our premises.

You can pay by debit/credit card on the website or by payment link over the phone or instore cash and card.

You can order on the website and choose Click & Collect at check out.

Delivery Information

Pallet Network deliveries including the Full Crates of Kiln Dried Logs are carried out by your local pallet company - please see the information below for Pallet Network Deliveries.


When can I expect delivery?

Local Deliveries carried out on our own vehicles are Tuesday to Friday between 9:30 - 16:30

any Saturday deliveries incur an additional £5 surcharge.

We will agree a convenient delivery day and usually try to advise an AM or PM delivery.

Depending on how busy we are we can usually delivery in 1 - 3 working days.


How will my order be delivered?

Local Delivery is done by Monkroyds own CPC qualified drivers using either our 3.5ton or our 7.5ton flatbed delivery truck.

Bulk Bag deliveries are carried out with our truck mounted hi-ab crane by our ALLMI certified operators.

Deliveries are to the kerbside or to your driveway entrance (unless otherwise requested*). We will need a sound hard standing in order to stabilise our vehicle to operate the crane, ideally this would be a level surface of tarmac or concrete - not gravel.


Can you lift Bulk Bags over walls and fences into my garden?

Sometimes this is possible, however the delivery person will consider all the risk factors at the time of delivery*.


Do I need to be there to accept my delivery?

Please make arrangements for someone to be there to accept delivery of your order. This is to make sure that the delivery is completed as agreed as we are not responsible for items left at your property unattended to.

If it is not possible for someone to be there we can make an unsigned for delivery for orders that are paid for in full*.

Indemnity Statement*

We are unable to discharge/unload your delivery to the exact location on your site due to the fact that we may accidentally damage the kerb, footpath, drive or some other property.

By requesting us to discharge/unload in the exact location you request, you must accept all liability for any damage which may result including damage to the our delivery vehicle and agree to indemnify Monkroyds against all costs, claims, demands, and losses that may arise from such discharge/unloading at your request.

By accepting your delivery and making any such request you must agree to this Indemnity.

We are unable to carry out an unsigned for or unattended delivery to your property due to the fact that we cannot be responsible for the security of your goods after delivery.

By requesting us to make an unsigned for or unattended delivery you must accept all liability for the security of the products thereafter.

By making any such request you agree to this Indemnity.

Pallet Network / Tail Lift Deliveries

When will I receive my order?

Delivery of a pallet should always take place on the date that is agreed on with the haulier performing the delivery. It is the responsibility of your local pallet firm to keep to this date.

If you do not receive the 'book-in' call about your pallet delivery date within 3 days of placing your order, please call us. We can chase the order for you. All being well, the final delivery usually takes place between 3 to 5 working days from the date you placed your order with us.

Delivery is between 8am and 6pm on a weekday.


How is delivery with a tail lift vehicle made?

Your pallet/s will be offloaded from a lorry with a tail lift at the rear (see picture).

The pallet is moved with a special hand trolley from the tail lift platform onto the ground. Providing

the surface is hard and flat, such as concrete, the driver may offer to move the pallet some distance.

Please note that palletised delivery is officially a ‘kerbside’ service and therefore it is at the driver’s

discretion as to how far it will be moved after it is rolled off the tail lift. The driver will not be able to

move or push the pallet over soft or inclined surfaces, or in any case where safety is compromised.


Are there circumstances where a pallet delivery cannot be made?

Yes. A pallet cannot be delivered:

- Onto soft ground such as grass, gravel, or soil.

- To a premises where it is illegal for a lorry to park or offload.

- Where the access road is on a steep incline.

- Where the access road does not provide 3m width clearance and 5m vertical clearance.

It is your responsibility to ensure that there is safe and clear access for the delivery vehicle. If the haulage company arrive at your address and face one of the conditions above, the driver may decide to cancel the delivery, and this may incur a cancellation fee to cover the cost of dispatching and returning your order to us. If you are unsure as to whether your location is suitable for a palletised delivery, please call us to discuss. We will advise as to whether there is likely to be problems at the offloading point.

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